3) Time to Build - I Build a UNIQUE Crowd Designed Hollow Multi-Scale Guitar in 20 hours!

Welcome to a unique new Guitar Building Video from Crimson Guitars and the 2020 Build Challenge; in honour of this new decade - and in thanks for exceeding 200,000 subscribers here on YouTube!

To make this a serious challenge I asked Instagram what type of instrument I should attempt to build in just 20 hours and 20 minutes; from the body shape to the pick-up configuration, neck construction and even the number of strings. Our wonderful Instagram followers did not disappoint - because they set me one heck of a challenge! I will be building a totally unique multi scale fanned fret guitar with a through-neck design a hollow body and custom inlay!

Want to know the best part? Well... YOU COULD WIN THIS INSTRUMENT!

Yes that's right! During January 2020; any and all orders made at crimsonguitars.com will automatically enter you into the giveaway draw. For every £10 you spend, you will automatically be entered again!

All orders made between January 1st 2020 (00:00 GMT) and January 31st 2020 (23:59 GMT) will be eligible for the giveaway - and the winner will be announced in February 2020!

We can't wait to show you the outcome!

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Stay tuned and stay awesome!
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