Giorno's Theme but he took all the instruments

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Based off of this Megalovania Meme:

I sorta don't like how it turned out but maybe you do! If you didn't the original version of these covers and stuff are still fantastic and you should give them a listen! Sorry for not posting last week, I legit could not find any ideas. If you have any please leave them in the comment section! I'm sure to read them! I was testing out Kars with GER's theme and I didn't like how that turned out at all.

All the credits and stuff:

Giorno's Theme but its KK Slider by Q Sean

Giorno's Theme But OOF by Amosdoll Music


Il Vento D'Oro (Golden Wind): Requiem Version - Piano Arrangement by winthos

Giorno's Theme but it's played on a Stylophone

II Vento D'oro (Golden Wind) - Remix by BLVKAROT

Giorno's Theme on Funny Instruments (Cat Paino)

II Vento D'oro in Noteblocks by shimody

Giorno's Theme - II Vento D'oro [8-bit] by Musikage

II Vento D'oro, but Giorno Plays in an Orchestra

Giorno's theme lofi by Seventh Sage

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