Launching RPA on Demand | eMail Robot Trigger Tool | Triggering SW Robot | Launching Robotic Process

eMail Robot Trigger Tool is designed to automate the process of launching robotic process on demand. You simply send your command via email to launch particular robot / robotic process. Once Robot executes operations it sends report back via email to business users.

Launching Robotic Process on demand has never been easier!

About DMS Solutions: «DMS Solutions» is a Technology company delivering Intelligent Automation Solutions. «DMS Solutions» is your professional service partner in the field of Advanced Robotic Process Automation. We leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to build a powerful digital workforce for your business to win on the market. We focus on exploring new ways to apply disruptive technologies and recent inventions to bring innovative automation solutions in. We break boundaries and help clients to achieve their strategic goals through delivering next-gen solutions. Our strong team of highly skilled and experienced engineers are committed to bring values by delivering measurable results in:

1) End-to-End Robotic Process Automation
2) Cognitive Automation
3) Advanced Robotics leveraging Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI

Our Clients are high-performing enterprises coming from different industries: banking & financial services, insurance, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing & retail, real estate, transportation, oil & gas, energy, etc.

We operate globally and we have offices in Hong Kong and Ukraine. Willing to know more about RPA? Please contact our offices in Hong Kong or Ukraine:

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