Learn the Pentatonic Scale for Violin :: Tutorial B minor D major pentatonic :: Gypsy Jazz Fiddle

Third in a series of pentatonic scale tutorials. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to practicing scales so I thought this would be a good way to force myself to do it and to help out those who wanted to learn too. Let's learn the pentatonic scales together!

The scales here are B minor and D major pentatonic. These are basically the same notes which are:

B D E F# A for Bm pentatonic
D E F# A B for D major pentatonic

I have a backing track video for practicing these scales here:

You can also download the track from my Bandcamp account for free (although donations are possible, wink wink ;-)

(This is a revised upload as in the original I foolishly put the wrong notes on the screen, while playing the right ones! Thanks to those that pointed this out.)
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