Dr Gemma Newman - Diet & Diabetes

Focusing on diabetes and how it's actually possible to slow down the progression, to halt and even to reverse type-2 diabetes through lifestyle changes.

This talk covers three aspects:
1) What is diabetes? and how does it happen?
2) Medications , Diets and Metabolism, that can harm or help us when we have diabetes.
3) How a Whole Food Plant-Based approach to nutrition is beneficial.

00:13 About this talk
01:03 Diabetes in the UK
01:26 Health complications of diabetes
02:08 My story and background
03:31 My story and how it changed me
04:20 What are the causes of diabetes
04:54 Type 1 diabetes
05:49 Type 2 diabetes
06:40 Lock and Key - Receptors and Insulin
08:24 Fats cause insulin resistance
09:33 Pancreatic beta cells - The impact of fat
10:15 Fats, Glucose, Insulin - Putting it all together
10:44 Medications
12:01 Taking Insulin
13:11 The Accord study
13:49 High Fat Diets.
15:06 Ketogenic diets
16:18 Complications of a Ketogenic Diet
17:05 The Mitochondria
17:38 Activate PGC-1 alpha pathway
18:22 Fasting Mimicking Diet
18:50 Time Restricted Eating - Intermittent Fasting
19:30 The Whole food Plant-based approach
20:15 Calorie density of food types
21:01 The BROAD study
21:36 The Adventist Health Studies
22:33 The Microbiome
24:21 Benefits of a WFPB diet (Whole Food Plant-Based)
25:57 Where do I get my protein?
26:18 What about Calcium?
26:35 Just remember G-BOMBS
27:37 What can I eat?
28:25 Omega-3 fatty acids
29:10 Vitamin B12
29:58 Vitamin D3
30:23 Books for Diabetics
31:10 Mastering Diabetes Online
31:50 Find out more?
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