BEST IOS 13 Feature - Transfer Photos/Videos Instantly! (Tutorial)

I bet you have heard many people go on about iOS 13's new Dark Mode, USB accessory support, refined interface, and so on. But my favorite feature isn't any one of those - it has to be the built-in SMB server support.
What makes this so great is that I can read/write videos my workstation comptuter over the network so I can edit them. But there's a catch - iPhones encode in a Variable Bit Rate, which Adobe products don't like. So what I do is have Adobe Media Encoder watch a folder on my hard drive and automatically re-encode the ingested footage while iOS 13 copies them to the drive: at the same time! This has greatly improved my workflow... and sanity. (try transfering videos over Lightening on a modern iOS device... it's horrible.)
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