Common Pitfalls of Cello Technique - Tips for Better Cello Playing

When it comes to incorrect cello technique, these are some of the most common issues I see in beginning cello students. Don't fall victim to these common pitfalls when learning how to play the cello! From poor positioning of the cello and botched bow holds, to wild left hand fingers and "door knob" vibrato, I offer some insight and easy solutions to these very common problems in technique. Awareness of these issues is key in making progress with your cello playing and undoing bad habits. Developing good technique will not only make playing the cello easier and more fun, but will also allow you to focus more on being expressive and making music!

**Bonus Tip** - Practicing in front of a mirror will help you notice how you look when you play, and is a great tool to use when trying to work on improving your technique.

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