How to play Elangaathu Veesudhey | Chirugaali Veechene on violin

Violin tutorial of the song Elangaathu Veesudhey from Pithamagan or Chirugaali Veechene from Shiva Putrudu..

Violin cover and notes at

Notes : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (also uses m2 if playing gamaka version)
Please follow the below naming standards for hindusthani vs Carnatic for each of the swara.
s = Shadjamam
r1 = Komal Rishab (Hindusthani) / Shudha Rishabham (Carnatic)
r2 = Shudh Rishab (hindusthani) / Chatushruthi rishabham (Carnatic)
g2 = Komal Gandhar(Hindusthani) / Sadharana Gandharam (Carnatic)
g3 = Shudh Gandhar(Hindusthani) / Anthara Gandharam (Carnatic)
m1 = Madhyamam
m2 = Teevr Madhyam (Hindusthani) / Prathi madhyamam(Carnatic)
p = Pancham
d1 = Komal Daivat (hindusthani)/ Shudha Daivatham(Carnatic)
d2 = Shudh Daivat (Hindusthani) / Chatushruthi Daivatam (Carnatic)
n2 = Komal Nishad (Hindusthani) / Kaisisi Nishadam (Carnatic)
N3 = Shudh Nishad (Hindsusthani)/ Kaakali Nishadam(Carnatic)
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