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Today's Playlist
1. In the Footsteps of Paul with Tony Moore - Paul's Letter To The Colossians
2. Battle of Faith with Ivor Myers - The Science of Music and the Beast
3. Revelation Now with Jac Colon - The Rapture
4. Amazing Facts with Joe Crews - Remember Lot's Wife: Part 1
5. The Carter Report with John Carter - Going Home
6. Revelation Insights with Lyle Albrecht - The Occult Explosion: Spiritism Exposed!
7. Moody Science Videos - The Ultimate Adventure
8. Righteousness by Faith with Morris Venden - Witness
9. 3ABN presents Back to Nature
10. New Beginnings - When the Smoke Clears
11. Prophecy Code with Doug Batchelor - God's Health Plan
12. Randy Skeete - Do Me Three Favours
13. Cross Talk with Jeff Reich & Richard O'Ffill - I'm Sorry
14. Revelation Today with Ron Halvorsen Sr. - Revelation's Slain Lamb
15. His Way Is In The Sanctuary with Stephen Bohr
16. The Ten Commandment Weekend - John Lomacang
17. Truth Unveiled with Stephen McIntyre - The Enemy and God's Judgment
18. A Taste of Paradise with Nyse Collins
19. Dr. Abraham Jules - Greater Grace
20. The Antichrist Chronicles with Steve Wohlberg - The Antichrist Is the Son of Perdition
21. Windows of Hope with Bill Tucker - People Get Ready
22. Breath of Life with C.D. Brooks - The Devil Behind The Door
23. Celebrating Life in Recovery with Cheri Peters - Domestic Violence
24. Cliff! with Clifford Goldstein - The Atheist Guide to Unreality
25. Discover Prophecy with David Asscherick - How to Face Death Unafraid
26. David Gates - Pickup Your Cross
27. Digging Up The Past with David Downs - Ancient Shiloh
28. Discoveries with Mark Finley - Solving the Riddle of Religious Confusion
29. G. Edward Reid - Sabbath in Christian History
30. Youlden World Report with Geoff Youlden - The Unpardonable Sin
31. Help Yourself to Health with Dr. Agatha Thrash

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