Phil Gardiner - Revolution (Ensemble Remix) [Harmonica & Strings]

Phil Gardiner - Revolution Ensemble remix (Harmonica & Strings)
Green & Blue: Piano
Orange' Harmonica
Red: Violin
Yellow: Cello
Purple: Contrabass

Original Composer: Phil Gardiner

Philip Gardiner started playing classical piano from the age of nine. He continued through his teens and formed a band with school friends. From this point onwards Philip has always been involved with music, playing live and recording. He graduated with an honors degree in popular music at Barnsley in the north of England and now writes and records music for media and commercial use.
Note: The audio is recorded from the keyboard.

Picture Link:

Piano Instrument i use in this video:
Yamaha DGX-660

Programs used:
-Midi Editor

MIDI (Original MIDI):


Sheet Music: (not original)


Sosial Media:

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