Kidney failure reversed GFR by accident - Not baking soda or vegetable diet - How to

Published Increased my GFR kidney disease function damage 11 points in 9 days - Amazing results of how I accidentally improved my kidney function dramatically in 9 days, because of what I did to try to help another ailment. Also how well baking soda and the raw vegetable diet worked for me, and how I have been able to improve my kidneys to a decent level for the past 3 years and even through 6 kidney damaging Cat Scans within a 15 month period.. failure,prevent,repair,disease,cure,dialysis,cured,Reversing,Reverse,Treatment,transplant,heal,function,filtration,rate,kidney,improve,improved,baking soda,bicarbonate,soda,michael wright,Healthy Eating Tips,Health Miracles,Master Herbalist Patrick Delves,Robert Galarowicz,Fallbrook Adventist,damage
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