Learn Cello From A Master: Lesson 8 Left Hand Fingers 1 and 3 With Virtuoso Gloria Lum

Learn From A Master: Take Free Cello Lessons with Gloria Lum, Cellist in The Los Angeles Philharmonic. Here are 25 video lessons that will teach you how to play the cello today! The curriculum was created by some of the leading musicians and music educators in the world. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to learn more advanced techniques these videos will be very helpful.
(Music notation is included).
The lessons cover:
Meet Your Teacher
Parts of Cello
Holding Your Cello
Plucking Open Strings: Pizzicato
The Bow
Bow Hold
How To Bow: Arco
Left Hand Fingers 1 and 3
Staccato & Legato
Left Hand Finger 4
Long Bows & String Crossings
Expanding Left Hand
Shifting Positions
The D major scale
The G major scale
The C major scale
Triads, Arpeggios
Double stops
Lifting the bow (circle bows)
Stopped bows/hooked bows
Slurs, whole bows and legato
16th notes
2-octave scale
Ode To Joy
Simple Gifts

Learn more about Gloria Lum at these links:

(She teaches lessons as well in the Pasadena California area and can be contacted through this site). https://lessons.com/ca/pasadena/cello-lessons/gloria-lum-cello-lessons

(free beginning band orchestra video tutorial instruction lessons cello)
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