Visit to Sambhab, Nayagarh by 3rd yr Students (2017-2021) Of CAET,OUAT

We the CAETians had an exposure visit to SAMBHAV at Odogaon, Nayagarh and it turned to be one worth visit, where we got an opportunity to learn many things regarding some amazing facts of nature’s precious resources, soil and water and it’s care, organic culture, organic farming, vermi-composting, Stone Mulching, Development of Gully , conservation techniques, being practiced there and apart that we also enjoyed the palatable food in lunch prepared from organic products produced in its own campus. There, we had an golden opportunity to listen to the respective Sri Ramakrishna Sahoo regarding the secrets of the soil and organic farming.
Unlike cities and towns, one can feel in true sense the very existence and reign of undisturbed nature pervading the entire SAMBHAV Campus and can derive pleasure as a nature lover.
The campus embraced with love and beauty of the nature, completely free from polythene, enriched with simple indigenous yet effective scientific technologies adopted for organic agriculture, conserving a pretty big numbers of traditional rice varieties, covered with a good number of valuable medicinal and forest species, the knowledge base of the entire team. exemplary one, truly beautify and embody the organisation named SAMBHAV (the possible) turned from ASAMBHAV (the impossible), which the campus originally was.
Our gratitude to Head of the Sambhab Sabarmatee Mam & her team.
Thanks to Dr. S.K. Dash, Dean, CAET and university authorities for providing the opportunity and support for the visit. We thank Dr .A.P. Sahu & Dr. A.K Dash for their help in arranging our programme. Dr.A.P. Sahu accompanied the students.
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