Fiddle Tunes Cello - Cold Frosty Morning

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Cold Frosty Morning is a traditional old-time fiddle tune in A dorian mode. (Similar to A minor, but with a raised 6th scale degree, in this case F-sharp instead of F natural). The melody in this fiddle tune definitely has a celtic sound.

This is my fiddle cello which is strung G, D, A, E, instead of C, G, D, A. Playing fiddle tunes on a cello strung this way enables one to play the tunes in their traditional keys and stay in first and second position. Instead of having to shift up and down the fingerboard to play the tune, you can now comfortably play in the lower positions and focus on bringing out the fun, rhythmic bowing style of fiddling.

Want to turn your cello into a chiddle? Helicore, Lasren, Jargar, and Spirocore make E strings for cello. I'm using a D'Adarrio Helicore E string. It's $25.99 on amazon. When you switch the strings out, start by removing the A string first and replacing it with the E string. Don't tune it all the up to pitch right away, but gradually tune it up to roughly a C# (allow it some time to stretch) Then replace the D, and put your A string on where the D string used to be, then move the D string to where the G string was, and finally the G string to where the C string was. I recommend tuning each string about a whole step lower and gradually bringing them up to pitch. Wait to bring the E string up to pitch last, as this string is the most likely to break if brought up to an E too quickly.
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