Artificial intelligence guide and it's application in Cloud, DevOps and Cybersecurity part-1

Artificial intelligence guide and it's application in Cloud, DevOps and Cybersecurity-
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Content of the article-
What is artificial intelligence,
What is Intelligence,
Fuzzy logic in ai,
Linguistic Intelligence meaning and linguistic Intelligence examples,
Perception meaning,
Lotfi Zadeh fuzzy logic 1965 pdf,
Fuzzication methods,
Defuzzication methods and defuzzication techniques,
Fuzzication and defuzzication,
Inference engine in ai and inference engine in fuzzy logic,
Talos Greek mythology pictures,
Deep Blue IBM vs Kasparov,
Artificial superintelligence or artificial superhuman Intelligence (asi),
Machine Learning tutorial and Machine Learning projects,
Arthur Samuel machine learning definition,
Supervised learning algorithms with Supervised learning example,
Unsupervised learning algorithms with unsupervised learning example,
Reinforcement learning algorithms with reinforcement learning example ( reinforcement learning tutorial ),
Linear Regression in machine learning with linear regression formula,
Logistic regression machine learning with logistic regression analysis,
Decision tree in machine learning with decision tree algorithm and decision tree analysis,
Random forest algorithm and random forest classifier,
Bagging method in machine learning with bagging method in random forest,
Naive Bayes algorithm with Naive Bayes classifier,
Bayes theorem formula with Bayes theorem proof,
K-Nearest Neighbour algorithm python,
Support vector machine algorithm,
K means clustering algorithm with k means clustering example,
Sum of squared errors formula,
C means clustering algorithm with c means clustering python,
Fuzzy C means clustering algorithm with fuzzy c means clustering example,
Markov Decision Process in artificial intelligence with Markov Decision Process example,
Heuristic search algorithm in ai with Heuristic search algorithm python,
Informed search algorithm in ai,
Uninformed search algorithm in Python,
Informed and Uninformed search algorithms,
Greedy search in AI with greedy search example,
A* tree search algorithm with A* tree search example,
A* graph search algorithm with A* graph search example,
Depth-first search algorithm with Depth-first search example,
Breadth-first search algorithm,
Uniform cost search algorithm with uniform cost search example,
TensorFlow tutorial with TensorFlow python,
Amazon machine learning api,
Generative Adversarial networks tutorial,
Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding,
Convolutional Neutral Network explained,
Open Neural Network Exchange (onnx) format,
Quantized CNN models,
Opennn tutorial,
Scikit-Learn machine learning in Python,
Pytorch tutorial,
Theano tutorial with theano python,
Chainer deep learning,
Keras tutorial,
Deeplearning4J tutorial,
Deep learning projects,
Mxnet in R,
Apache spark tutorial,
Apache mahout tutorial,
Apache singa vs TensorFlow,
Apache predictionIO tutorial, tutorial,
Face recognition technology with face Recognization algorithm,
OpenCV tutorial with OpenCV python,
face_recognition python documentation with face_recognition library,
Natural Language Processing tutorial,
Natural Language Understanding in AI,
Natural Language Generation in AI,
Lexical ambiguity examples with lexical ambiguity meaning,
Syntactic ambiguity examples,
Syntactic and lexical ambiguity,
Semantic ambiguity examples with semantic ambiguity meaning,
Pragmatic ambiguity examples with pragmatic ambiguity meaning,
Attachment ambiguity in NLP,
Stopwords in Python,
Tokenization in NLP,
Word tokenizer python nltk,
Sentence tokenizer python nltk,
Natural Language toolkit python tutorial,
TextBlob library python,
Spam filter using machine learning,
Google bert nlp,
Stanford Question Answering Dataset (sQuAD),
Movie Recommendation system python with Movie Recommendation system project report,
Cosine similarity python,
IBM Watson studio and IBM Watson api,
Cognitive computing meaning,
Transfer learning keras,
IBM Watson conversation tools.
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