R&B Violin Instrumental | Solo Improvisation

R&B Violin Instrumental - This video showcases my own solo improvisation over an original loop. To see the chords and play after me, click the related R&B Violin Play Along Lesson video here: https://christianhowes.com/2020/07/13/play-improvise-soulful-melodies/

As a result of the work I've been doing this week, largely prompted by students in the summer session of bootcamp, Creative Strings Workshop Online, I posted some performances and some play along lessons including easy and advanced for you or your students here: https://christianhowes.com/2020/07/13/play-improvise-soulful-melodies/

There are takeaways here whether you're interested in studying a) nuances of style pertaining to R&B Violin music or b) general composition and improvisation:

For example,here's a lot of material that can be reflected upon in these new videos:

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