Tutorial C major & C minor scale on violin - ABRSM grade 4/6

This is a video recording during our lesson, just to help my student for revision at home
The order in the video is about the whole family of C key

C major separate bow
C major slur bow 0:41
C major arpeggio 1:03
C major arpeggio slur 01:25
C minor melodic 01:45 (start on 2nd position)
C minor harmonic 02:56 (start on 1st position)
Preparation exercises to C minor arpeggio 03:45
C minor arpeggio 06:44

Dominant seventh in the key of C 07:06
Diminished seventh starting on C 07:38
Chromatic Scales starting on C 08:20

Teacher: Janice Ong
Student: Howard Toh

more video on Facebook: Janice Ong Jiamin
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