Cauline // a desktop eurorack recording

CAULINE (adj) - (of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground.
"cauline" from Wander Into - Available on bandcamp (
Vancouver, BC April 2019, patch notes below...

transcription -
in frames - @annnannie
by view -

// voicing
Guitar -- Reel to Reel at 1/2 speed
Pad -- Peak -- Reel to Reel at 1/2 speed
Chimes -- Morphagene -- Clouds -- Rosie out

// modular
Hermod sequencing rings
rings -- morphagene -- clouds
rosie in the output stage

// post
audio mix and mastered in Logic Pro X
shot on Canon 60D w/ 50mm f1.4 EF lens,
visually color corrected and edited in Final Cut Pro.
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