Top Cello Cover Popular Songs 2020 - Best Instrumental Cello Covers All Time

[00:00:00]- Dance Monkey
[00:03:28]- Memories
[00:06:46]- Senorita
[00:10:17]- Perfect
[00:14:37]- Just the two of us
[00:16:46]- ME!
[00:19:48]- You Lost Me
[00:24:20]- Something Just Like This
[00:28:00]- In The End
[00:31:38]- Breathe
[00:37:30]- Beauty And The Beast
[00:41:33]- Butterfly
[00:45:16]- All Of Me
[00:49:57]- Despacito
[00:52:16]- Yesterday
[00:54:12]- One Summer's Day
[00:57:56]- Numb
[01:01:12]- Let it go
[01:05:28]- Stay
[01:09:56]- A Whole New World
[01:12:37]- River
[01:16:41]- Sparkle
[01:20:11]- Merry Go Round of Life
[01:23:36]- Apologize
[01:26:52]- Fear Of The Dark


Music can be magic and powerful, managing to touch our emotions. Music can connect with others such as our culture and our language. We realize something we can share and talk about.
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