Nikolai Roslavets - 3 Dances for violin and piano (audio + sheet music)

In 1923, Roslavets completed a trio of relatively short pieces for violin and piano, which he grouped into a collection entitled Three Dances that was published in 1925. The three pieces are subtitled Waltz, Nocturne, and Mazurka. The music shows further development of Roslavets' compositional method whereby certain transpositions of a referential sonority are used to create successive statements of all twelve chromatic tones. As is the case with all of his music, Roslavets
here demands a lot of the performers.

Waltz is extremely slow and mostly languid; the waltz
character and three-beat rhythm are often hidden in the
background, but they are there, if you listen closely.

Nocturne is not technically a dance, but it does have a
lilt, and serves as an interlude between the two bigger
pieces in the set.

The Mazurka is a tour de force with an
uncharacteristically clear rhythm, although the sharp
mazurka theme has five beats in two measures instead
of six.

(Naxos Music Library)

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Performance by: Mark Lubotsky, accompanied by Julia Bochkovskaya
Original audio:
Original sheet music:
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