Violin Christmas Music – The First Noel II - Miss Laura, Online Violin Teacher


Hello, my name is Miss Laura and I teach Online Violin Lessons. This lesson is Violin Christmas Music – The First Noel and will help students learn to play The First Noel on the violin. This version of The First Noel is for an Intermediate Violin Level and would be good for students who are in the end of Suzuki Book 1 or beyond. There are dotted quarter notes and eighth notes as well as Half Notes and Dotted Half Notes. This version has slurs and starts with an Up bow. In this Violin Christmas Music Video, I play The First Noel with the metronome set at Quarter Note = 72. You can find the sheet music with my fingerings at Visit ttps:// to sign up for Online Violin Lessons if you need help learning more Violin Christmas Music.

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