Cold and Frosty Morning - Fiddle Tune Tutorial | Katy Adelson

Here is a by-ear fiddle tune tutorial showing how to play, "Cold and Frosty Morning."

Video Tutorial Navigation Timestamps:
Demonstration: 00:00
Introduction: 00:39
A-part: 01:55
A-part run-through: 07:36
B.1-part: 09:01
B.1-part run-through: 15:03
B.2-part: 15:52
B.2-part run-through: 21:10
Entire B-part run-through: 23:19
Entire tune run-through (♩= 50 bpm): 25:31
Ornament ideas: 28:18
Tune run-through (♩= 70 bpm): 33:07
Tune run-through (♩= 90 bpm): 35:07
Tune run-through (♩= 110 bpm): 36:42
Tune run-through (♩= 130 bpm): 37:58
Tune run-through (♩= 150 bpm): 39:01
Tune run-through (♩= 170 bpm): 40:01
Tune run-through (♩= 190 bpm): 40:51
Tune run-through (♩= 210 bpm): 41:47
Tune run-through (♩= 230 bpm): 42:35
Sheet Music Version with Variations (♩= 100 bpm): 43:51

Free sheet music link:

Cold and Frosty Morning is such a neat fiddle tune! I hope this tutorial helps you learn how to play it!

Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a good weekend! Happy Fiddling! =)

~ Katy

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