How To Make All State (Saxophone) - Part 2: Scales and Etudes

Hopefully you can make the All State Honors band or just get a better placing chair than you did the year before with the assist of these videos. Thank you for waiting! I really hopes this helps whoever is watching this.
Part 3, sightreading, coming much more sooner than this video did!

If you need to get a hold of me, you can contact me at or go to my instagram!

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Table of Contents:
(0:00) - Intro to video
(0:24) - Introduction to scales
(4:04) - Demonstrations on how not to and how to play scales
(5:31) - The best part of this video
(7:27) - Intro to etudes
(10:10) - Showcasing the process of inputting musical tools
(14:22) - Demonstrating part of a lyrical etude
(15:13) - Outro
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