CELLULAR DATA TUTORIAL - Checkra1n iCloud Bypass

This method is a WORK IN PROGRESS and is NOT guaranteed to work on all devices! I am still in the process of developing a full cellular network fix and will release it when it is finished. This is just a progress update to demonstrate the full method that will likely be used in the future.

The files data_ark.plist and activation_records.plist need to be modified for a network fix so knowing their locations and how to transfer them from device to device is important to figure out. That is why I made this video, so everyone is prepared for the full release, which may be much more complicated with more steps.

Apple Demo and I are collaborating on this bypass development. Go subscribe to his channel!

How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Checkra1n:

For more information visit appletech752.com

This content is strictly copyrighted! Anyone else who copies this video or method without crediting me or Apple Demo risks an immediate copyright strike!
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