Suzuki Viola Book 1 no.4 Song of the Wind ♪=100 Play along Piano Slow Practice

Suzuki Viola School Volume 1 No.4
Song of the Wind

Tune your Viola precisely in 442Hz.

Play along Piano Slow Practice For Accurate pitches

Practice at the correct pitch while listening to the sound. Maintain the right hand shape.

Singing notes with your own voice while listening to this clip will also help you to improve your pitch.

Please challenge fast tempo after slow practice

I always had a hard time playing the violin with the correct pitch as a student. During the lesson, I always scolded my teacher for the pitch. After a lot of trouble, I started practicing with a friend who was having difficulties like me because of the pitch. When my friend played the piano, I listened to it, practiced the violin, and shifted. These exercises really helped me play the correct pitch. Now that I am a teacher, I meet a lot of students who have trouble playing the correct notes like me. I encouraged them to practice listening to these videos as I practiced listening to the piano with a friend, and they made some amazing progress. So I'm going to develop and refine these videos so that they can be used by all the students who need to practice the pitch. I hope these videos are helpful to all students who want to play with the correct pitch like me. It was hard to practice, but my life as a player is wonderful. You guys will have a wonderful life at the end of hard Practice. God Bless YOU~~
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