Fall Practice Challenge 2019 - Fiddle Lesson

Just as leaves fall, it’s the time of year when fiddlers fall in love with practice.

From October 7-20, fiddle students around the world will make music a regular part of their lives by playing every day.

Click here to take part in the Fall Practice Challenge 2019: https://fiddlehed.co/FallPracticeChallenge2019

On the page, you’ll find practice tracking tools as well as links to free practice lessons and other content.

There is just one simple goal: Play every day for two weeks.

And four suggested action steps:
-Pick one challenging thing to work on
-Track your practice
-Monitor performance through recording.
-Tell at least one other person.

If you officially sign up, I’ll send a daily email with practice tips and a link to a page where you can mark off the days you play.

Remember, you are a musician if you play every day.

Let’s do this!

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