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VLOG (04-17-2014) Is Ubuntu a Good Home windows XP Different?

Written by joyfultech

On this VLOG, I discuss in regards to the finish of Home windows XP – and whether or not or not Ubuntu is definitely a viable different to computer systems that shipped with Home windows XP.

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  • Agreed, it's ridiculous what they've done with Unity and everything. Lubuntu and Xubuntu (and the new Ubuntu MATE) have most of the advantages of flagship Ubuntu (hardware support, huge software library) without most of the disadvantages (bloat, flashiness). I've also tried Puppy before and it was super small and could fit basically anywhere, but the software library wasn't as up to date as the Ubuntu family. And if you have a computer more than 10 years old and want to use modern websites like Facebook and YouTube, you're best off getting a newer computer (at least late Windows XP or early Windows 7 era) anyway.

  • Also those older first generation winxp pc's had either PCI and AGP external video slots for video acceleration, only AGP will provide support for shader 2.0, opengl 2.x and any compositing like compiz if compiz is even needed but PCI video cards only supported opengl 1.x and shader 1.0 which i believe disables unity making it uninstallable,

    If you have a P4 single core w/HT  with AGP video with it own dedicated video memory you can run ubuntu. xubuntu would be best for the windows user or any distro running xfce

    To re-purpose XP pc's for a linux desktop i would recommend a dual core minimum and AGP video with several gigs of ram and it should be sufficient to do minimal work.

  • I don't think Windows XP service pack 3 would run on that really old hardware from 2001. I think a lot of the windows XP machines are from the late 2000s and would be fine with Ubuntu. A lot probably could have run Vista but people were scared off that os. Too bad because I used it for years and it was fine

  • I just installed Xubuntu 14.04 on a laptop with 1 GB of ram, it runs fine but even the Xfce desktop is heavy for old hardware. Ubuntu is not an option for typical XP machines.

  • Good video but I think it necessitates a follow up where you go more in depth on what people with old computers might be able to do to breathe life into them. What makes certain distros less intensive, what you suggest, what browsers are best at being resource lite etc.

    By the way we have to remember that some people – especially abroad – aren't all wealthy and may not be able to afford a modern computer. It just wouldn't fit in their shoestring budget. And we shouldn't deride them for that, we should try to help. Just wanted to say that after seeing a lot of insensitive "just upgrade" mentality surrounding the discontinuation.

  • I have tried installing various verions of Ubuntu on a ten year old desktop machine.  The trouble is that all recent versions seem to require at least 1GB of RAM simply for the graphical installer to run without crashing.

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