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Offensive Non secular Warfare – Half II

Written by joyfulbible

Narcissists use three essential weapons to maintain you residing in bondage for them. These weapons are: deceptions, temptations, and accusations.
For these weapons to grow to be efficient for narcissists, they want via repetitive abuse, program in your thoughts a response for no matter stimulus they current you.
Waking up is the notice of the area between stimulus and response. In different phrases, between what has occurred to us and our response to it. This self-awareness occurs when understand you aren’t a program being acted out by narcissists.

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  • This information is completely accurate. I wish I could've had the presence of mind years ago to understand these things. I've never partook of "porn" but I have succumbed to the other temptations common to us all and had to learn these things the hard way. I also now practice "PMO" except I am married so the "O" part is reserved for my husband only. It does seem like we have to learn this stuff the hard way though, in order to overcome and master the animalistic fleshly urges but Jesus will "settle us" and give us peace if we follow His words. Now when I encounter someone (of the male persuasion) who tries to "tempt" me in their subtle little ways I can see right through it, all the way to the end result of following through with it and it instantly repulses me. Satan will uses these people to put a thought in your head in the attempt to get you to obsess over that person. These things no longer have any effect on me because I know the Game now.

  • Porn is shit!. Porn is the biggest weapon illuminati use to destroy the world in order for them to achieve their agenda. Every porn star be it a man or woman is a narcissist and usually it's somatic narcissists. Reason why every porn star is guaranteed to be a narcissist is because you won't be able to do what porn stars do without having every single narcissistic trait as your characteristics.

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