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  • (0:28) – ''In that book that you have'', says the jew'. Um! I believe it's called the Holy Bible. You know, they can't even bring themselves to call the divine writ by its proper name. Shame on him!

  • the truth will set you free….your in the strong delusion. YAHUSHA lived a sinless life, HE did the 7th day sabbath correctly and perfectly. It's the Jewish Pharisees that ADDED to the MOST HIGHS instructions and now the Christian religion/ other religions have TAKEN away from HIS INSTRUCTIONS. They both are in ERROR to HIS instructions and will be DESTROYED unless they REPENT.
    REAL Repentance is one who turns from disobedience and becomes OBEDIENT!

  • Holy is described as set apart. A time to be set apart to God. And we absolutely are to still be doing just that.
    Jesus was explaining that this day is for man .. mans good. To rest and refresh the soul in Communion with Christ.
    God is the one that made it set apart for us, made it holy. We are to respectfully accept his gift and meet with him.
    It was never done way with or changed.
    There is a difference in picking 1 corn stalk to eat on a journey and doing your normal weekly work.
    The man picking up sticks was clearly working to create a cooking fire. Much work back then. And the cooking was to be done on preparation day – Friday. Because cooking in the desert was a big chore.
    I pray the Jewish man in this video will one day understand the spirt of the law rather than the letter of the law. The holy spirit will guide you if you ask for understanding this commandment. But first you must understand it still applies and Jesus kept it.

  • most sabbath rules were manmade anyway, far from Abraham, Issac, and Jacob… Jesus Christ our Lord fulfilled the basic laws, rules, and commandments by His birth, death, and resurrection. Was Jesus conceived on or about Christmas day… something to think about…

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