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  • Unfortunatley people are calling the EGW the Spirt of Prophecy. The book of Revelation shows that the term SOP applies to the One who gives the spiritual gifts. The sop is not a person-the sop is the bearing the testimony of Christ–this was in place long before EGW. The SOP refers to God and his word, notice a number of "Spirit of " statements from the Bible
    Spirit of Life – Rom. 8:2
    Spirit of the Living God – 2 Cor. 3:3
    Spirit of His Son – Gal. 4:6
    Spirit of Promise – Eph. 1:13

  • JesusIsEnough777 I sent you the sabbath question,you answer my queston,

    give me one only one text that you have a immortal soul,
    and one that we go to heaven at death ,
    now they must be clear texts like this Eze:18:4: Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

  • The true sabbath is Jesus Christ Mt 11:28 of whom the 7th day sabbath was only a shadow Col 2:16f. Since the body has come, why would I any longer follow his shadow?
    For ye are not under the law Rom 6:14

    ye also are become dead to the law 7:4

    But now we are delivered from the law 7:6

    The Law came 430 yrs after Abraham TILL the Seed should come Gal 3:17.19

    But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law 5:18

    Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, the law of commandments Eph 2:15

  • dont just mention Colossians but ask them to speak their oppinions about the fact that Paul preached on the FIRST day! lol also Romans 14:5 and most importantly Galatians 3:10-12! tell them to read it in the KJV because all other translations word these verses and many more differently and they omit and revise the words

  • as an SDA I would go by the bible. If my church teaches something that is not found in the bible, then I will not be a member of that church…
    Ezekiel 20:20
    Exodus 31:13
    Exodus 31:17
    I have been grafted into the vine of Israel and I will keep the Sabbath as a sign between me and God, that He is the one who makes me holy, He is the one who created the earth and all that is in it. He is the one who purchased me back from the prison house of sin. I will keep the Sabbath Holy cuz he asked me 2.

  • This is not so, the problem is that there are a lot of nominal Adventist just as there are other denominations, and alot of us are not studying for our self the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy (The Books of Ellen G White), so most does not know what we believe as a church. Everything the we teach as a church is found in both the Bible and the SOP.

  • I like your attitude Bro, at least you aren't spewing forth hate. It seems you are reading unwillingness to accept all people as to what Ellen White said about the Sabbath. Dont you think that a stretch? Are you aware that she herself said that *some* Roman catholics will be saved? Are you aware that she said that pehaps only 5 percent of Seventh Day Adventists will be saved?

    In order to understand the church, you cannot listen to sound bites and snippets. Its going to take real investigation.

  • I feel a little bad for you sir. SDA are supposed to know there bibles very well. The text you read in Col. refers to the ceremonial Sabbaths in Lev. that were done away with when Jesus died on the cross, not the Sabbath in the 10 commandments. Jesus did not come to destroy the law or the prophets, but to fulfill. In others words He came to demonstrate who the law was supposed to be kept.

  • I'm not some bible genius. But its not about "when" your Sabbath is. Its about "how" you use your Sabbath. You see many people now go to church for a couple of hours and then they go about their business.

  • 🙂
    good question bross!
    thank s to your videos i started an english cours for understand and speak with you…
    it isn t easy,but step by step….
    excuse me for eventual mistakes 🙂

  • @JesusIsEnough777

    Well said. You can't take one command and make it be all the obedience God needs because God said that to be obedient by the law, you must keep the WHOLE law, even if you kept all of the law, and offend in one point, you are guilty of all.

    And if it were possible to be 100% obedient unto this law, then Christ wouldn't have had to die and his death was in vain.

  • @m1onie the Bible speaks nothing of a choice between going to church on Saturday vs Sunday The choice is to believe in Christ & his finished work or not read John 3:16 AND 17 read 1 John 3:22-23. If you really believe that sodomites, muslims, atheists, are all going to suddenly jump up & go to church on Sunday then you need to put down your SDA & EGW books and get into the Bible. The church has one foundation and that is Christ Jesus The church was in place long before the false SDA message

  • @jkw733 1 you assume that going to church on Saturday=obedience 2 100% obedience/perfection is impossible in this life and contradicts 1 Jn 1:8 & other verses that show we remain sinful ( a follower of Christ will avoid habitual sin yet because we are human we will sin-your statement talks about 100% obedience-are you in fact sinless?) 3. Obedience is fulfilled (even though we are sinful creatures) by walking in love with God & with fellow man 1 John 3:22-23

  • @drhollow45 Following your logic circumcision is required–because Christ is the example, keeping and eating the passover is required, because Christ is the example, Christ walked on water, when was the last time you followed His example? Christ kept the feast of booths–do you do that today? If you do then at least you are beinig consistent. If not then you have no biblical claim to tell me to "don't take scripture out of context"

  • @StMaule (part 2) to follow your argument incest is OK because that which is outside of the 10 cs is ceremonial. The entire law was given to Israel (see Deut 5) and it was one continuous body of law not 2 separate laws. Indeed Eph 2:15 shows the Law was done away with what you want to do is make an exception clause and when the Law (Torah) refers to the whole thing. Christians follow the law of Christ which does not have a command to go to church on Saturday for salvation

  • @StMaule though you may try separate the sabbaths in to different they were all rituals and all ceremonial. The weekly sabbath was a ceremony/ritual. The law includes everything from Exodus to Deutoronomy. Historically the Jews have 613 laws which INCLUDE the 10 commandments. the 10 cs were NOT considered to be a separate law i.e. ceremonial vs moral. Indeed many moral laws are found outside of the 10 cs.

  • Quick answer to your Quick Question. Col 2;16 gives referance to the Sabbath Days. (Plural) Thats Lev 23 The Seremonial Sabbaths that were done away with at the cross Eph 2;15. Question How many Holy Days are written in the 10C? last I check only one was mentioned.

  • When our Lord died as our representative, He took our place. In my place He stood, sealed me with His blood Justified is the open door to the temple beautiful He became what He was not, so I could become what I am not. It is not a matter of who u are, but who's u are, the devils or Christ's
    Sins of yesterday, today, & tomorrow, I am in Him by faith! I have been crucified w- Him, I have been buried with Him (Rom 6:4) I have been raised with him(Col 3:1
    Do u believe this
    Can I get an Amen

  • @Jondadon2006 God is creator Genesis 1 clearly points to Him as creator so does John 1:3, Colossians etc etc. The 10 c's also point to God leading Israel out of Egypt—Exodus 20:2 Note how He started the 10 commandments by this declaration. Following your logic since their completion means we are no longer to remember that Israel was delivered—-it simply does not follow. All scripture is there for a purpose and the 613 laws of israel were all fullfilled iin Christ

  • @Jondadon2006 The 10 commandments did not exist before Israel so they could not be part of God's perfect plan before sin. There is plenty in the Bible that says you need to repent, here are just a few 2 Cor 7:10 2 Tim 2:25 Heb 6:1 Acts 19:4 Gal 3 shows the law was a tutor and the law was ADDED UNTIL Christ came.

    I didn't take away the 10 cs Christ did

    Lying?? God's word is truth–your prophet is the one who lied repeatedly about saying the words she wrote were hers & gave false dates

  • @Jondadon2006 The law was a ministry of death-it was written against us.

    All sabbaths were ceremonies/rituals dictionary definition: A detailed method of procedure faithfully or regularly followed; The prescribed order of a religious ceremony; Being part of an established routine

    ALL of the Sabbaths were routines, ALL of the Sabbaths were faithfully followed by Jews, ALL were prescribed under the Mosaic law

  • @Jondadon2006 You prove the point when you say end of the law=COMPLETION/Goal The old covenant's goal was met & complete. conclusion/complet in fact does mean END Jesus was born under the law Gal 4 But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law, to redeem those under law, that we might receive the full rights of sons. vs 6 shows the spirit is in our HEARTS-belief is a heart matter-not a law matter. I dont take just one verse I take the Bible in its entirety

  • @fagan7 we did not fail on our end of the bargain as you say. Gal 3 clearly shows the law was ADDED 430 years after Abraham UNTIL the SEED which is Jesus came. The law was a tutor and the tutor is now done away with.

  • @fagan7 Salvation is a once and for all act of mercy and grace. I am sanctified daily not justified daily. Good works only follow in the life of the Christian they are not the means of salvation. Eph 2:10 I am saved UNTO good works not by good works Eph 2:8-9. Rom 6 & 7 clearly tell us not sin willy-nilly. It is carnal thinking to think that because we are not saved by the law that one can do "whatever" and "make it all better on Sunday with hail Mary"

  • @YouAreIsrael There is no evidence of a command for Adam or evidence of Adam keeping the Sabbath. The law, including the Sabbath was given at Sinai as found in the book of Exodus. Neh 9:14 affirms the Sabbath was not known until Exodus You made known to them your holy Sabbath and gave them commands, decrees and laws through your servant Moses. Also Deut 5 shows that the law, including the Sabbath was given to the Forefathers-including Adam-it was given to Israel @ Sinai

  • @YouAreIsrael Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. I do not keep Sunday as sabbath. Jesus is my Sabbath rest—Hebrews 3& 4

    YOu are assuming far too much and lying on top of it when you think that I believe Sunday is now Sabbath I have repeatedly said in this forum that Sunday is not now or ever will be the Sabbath for Christians

  • @YouAreIsrael Paul was a Christian both a Jew & a gentile. Paul was clear the gospel/New Covenant is for all who believe in Christ. The Bible does not say the New Covenant is only for the house of Israel. remember the Corinthians were gentiles–pagans until they came in faith in Christ.

  • Respond to this video… Also verse 14 uses the word ENTOLAS which is the TEACHINGS of Jesus. The messiah requires faith–not laws for salvation. Washing the robes in His blood is not law keeping of any of the 10 or any of the 613 given to Israel–it is dying in faith/being crucified with Christ. His death, is my atonement–my covering i.e my robe. To insist the Law must be kept is saying that one must couple faith in Jesus with keeping the Law for salvation, which is a different gospel.

  • Respond to this video…Rev 22:14 The verse does not say "Blessed are they which do the 10 commandments…" All thru the N.T. other things are called "the commandments." It is "washing our robes in the blood of Christ" which gives us access to the Heaven. It is false to assume that the commandments Jesus gave his followers & Christians are the same commandments given to Israel through covenant by Moses.

  • Respond to this video…Matthew 19 continued—Romans 10:4 Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes. Acts 13:39 Through him everyone who believes is justified from everything you could NOT be justified from by the law of Moses. It is all of faith and not of works. The law cannot save, or maintain a person's salvation.

  • @Jondadon2006 Matthew—the rich young ruler was an expert at keeping the law-but he lacked the heart of the matter. He lacked faith. Peter Andrew etc left their livelihood and Believed, had faith in Christ. The young ruler would not follow Christ; wanted a "rule"- works to guarantee him salvation. Jesus quoted the law which was required of Jews, the new covenant had not been conferred yet. The precursor Abrahamic covenant-which is of faith was in place but this man did not follow it

  • @tommywhy0 thanks for clarifying that many sdas believe that the sabbath–not faith in Christ is the separating wall—-

    you are showing that the Bible and it's contents do not line up with SDA theology

  • @tommywhy0 The bible does not say this–you, sister white and the sda church say this. You need to get in line with the Bible. the sabbath has no part in the Christian's salvation. It was a Jewish law. Salvation and being saved at the end of time is purely based on faith in Christ and nothing else. If something else is required then Christ's death was ineffective—please read Galatians chapter 2 especially the last 4 verses

  • @carmelbeautee The SDA church teaches that it is THE remnant and constantly tries to draw Christians into its fold. Bible believing christians who believe in Christ's finished work ALONE are His and will be saved Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. There is one Lord one faith one baptism. The Sda church & baptism includes egw and therefore by definition is different from that of the Bible and christian faith. I concentrate on what the Bible says &in so many ways the sda church opposes it

  • @carmelbeautee If you believe Jesus is the way then you truly cannot in good conscience be an SDA. The SDA fundamental belief has EGW as a "continuing authority". The bible is clear the church is the bride of Christ and only has ONE authority. The bible is replete with verses showing the bible and the bible alone is to be believed.

  • @MoparRules1996 Do you honestly believe that people who are not SDAs will kill SDAs in the final days of this earth? I haven't heard SDAs teach that in some time but thanks for bringing it up. The sda church has spent a lot of time trying to look christian but wont tell people that they believe christians will kill them and that the sda church is supposedly "the remnant" church. For those of you reading this if you are a Christian–the sda church teaches you will join the pope & kill sdas

  • @MoparRules1996 you are saying the egw AND the bible are to be believed yet the sda church says it is the defender of the bible & the reformation which taught the Bible & the Bible only. Do you not see how duplicitous that is to hold 2 standards like the catholic church does yet say you are the continuers of the reformation? The Bible ALONE is to be believed Heb 1:1–please read it shows Jesus is the FINAL revelation. Prophets are of the PAST.

  • @MoparRules1996 Ladies and gentlemen please not that mopar is saying that I try to kill the bible when I believe and uphld the bible only mopar believes EGW should be upheld with the Bible yet claims I try to kill the Bible

    This is an example of the cognitive dissonance that is present in the SDA mindset

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