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  • What is sperm? Is it not goo? He he. This is pretty old but you must still visit this channel every now and then. If so, man I wish I was this interested in science and skepticism at your age. I wonder what's going on with you now. I wouldn't be surprised if you were well on your way to becoming a biologist right now.

  • @winkerweezel Well, I don't think there's much wrong with being prejudiced against idiots to be honest..and whilst countless numbers of religious people are decent human beings, though deluded, people like VenomFang and others of his ilk really are absolute idiots of the highest order.

  • @Muenchout I do not consider myself worthless no matter what the truth is of the method of my species development is. I do not measure my value by the same method you do apparently though. I measure it on how much I contribute to my community, freinds and family. My value is measured in actual living acts not some imagined set of rules sold by people of questionable moral character who stand to profit by my adherence to their rules

    The only worthless life is one wasted in fear of the unknown

  • @Muenchout WHAT! So bad stuff was not happening before, is this really your contention? WOW, drugs and drinking and all of things you lay at feet of enlightenment were always there, Most of them unregulated and purchasable by anyone with a dollar in their pocket from stores, when were these golden years you allude to.. At one time you could by heroin, opium over the counter. Your base statement is wrong invalidating your whole argument to fall apart.

  • The only reason people would rather not believe in evolution because it makes life seem pointless. That's a scary fact which some people need to grow up and accept. You just want an answer to make you feel like your life isn't pointless, even though it is. It's a morbid fact and one day you need to accept it.

  • 'The fact is, evolution had to start, and the only explanation in the books is the "primordial soup" in the beginning'

    What do you read books from the seventies? The first life form was created through the process of abiogenesis. We don't know exactly which theory of abiogenesis is the correct one, but that's just because there are so many!

    'Do you really believe you are worthless?'

    Knowing the truth about our origins does not make us worthless.

  • "It could metaphorically"
    How is a circle with 4 corners a metaphor?
    "In one of my bible it says it in ell's"
    Regardless of what the unit is, the fact is that the ratio is 3:1
    "They use different methods for millions of years"
    Clearly I was referring to the streaked offspring of the non-streaked parent animals.

    The very fact that you are having to revert to prior languages, and call verses that refer to the biblical world, shows the bible not to be 100% true.

  • "So I believe the dating method scientist use is incorrect"
    Then what is the correct method?
    You do realize that your are saying we don't understand isotope decay, yet we use nuclear power plants… which are based on isotope decay predictions…

    "The word bird in Hebrew can mean like flying animal."
    Well then god had a poor choice in words, didn't he?

    Still waiting on Isaiah, 1 Kings, and Genesis

  • I Kings 7:23 (Pi = 3)
    Leviticus 11:13, 19 (Bats are birds)
    Isaiah 40:22 (Earth is a circle, not a sphere)
    Genesis 30:37-39 (Goats give birth to striped goats by merely looking at a striped rod)
    Gen 1-30 (The bible clearly lists the patriarchs and their ages when having their successors. This added up reaches roughly 6 thousand years ago, with the universe being created in 6 days.)

  • "I just believe the bible is a 100% true."
    So then Pi is 3, because the bible says so
    Bats are birds, because the bible says so
    The Earth is a circle (not a sphere) because the bible says so
    Animals give birth to striped offspring if they look at striped rods, because the bible says so
    The earth, and humanity are 6,000 years old, because the bible says so

    All of the statements within the bible are directly contradicted by observable, and testable evidence found through science.

  • "I totally disagree with what you just said"
    That is irrelevant, as it is what the bible says… I can provide a few dozen scientifically false statements within the bible if you want.

    "Have you met a Christian other then on the internet? "
    Ahem… I am a Christian.

  • "there is a lot in the bible that has been later proven by science"
    Like what?
    How about the Bible saying pi is 3?
    Or what about the bible saying the Earth is flat (He sitteth upon his throne which is above the CIRCLE (a circle is 2D) of the earth).
    Or maybe that day existed before the sun?
    Or that bats are a type of bird?
    Or how about a person being swallowed by a fish for three days, and not drowning?
    The Bible is anything BUT scientific…

  • Not all information is of equal value. Modern scientists generally ignore "Biblical information" when it comes to the earth, and life… mainly because it completely contradicts what we can observe, test, and replicate.

  • Sorry, but the very fact that it is a scientific theory demonstrates that there has yet to be any scientific evidence discovered that contradicts the Theory of Evolution. After all, that is what a scientific theory is… A compilation and explanation of what evidence and facts have been discovered, that makes predictions, and withstands peer review.

  • "I still think the evolution theory is a theory and not a fact."

    Sorry to break it to you flashback, but in the scientific community, theory is synonymous with fact. (Ig The Theory of Gravity) Which is not to be confused with the layman's term "theory" which is used as hypothesis.

    The Theory of Evolution has been (and still is being) validated through the same scientific process that created the computer, refrigerator, food, and everything else you use everyday.

  • Oh God…

    Another fucking moron threatening hell on someone half their age.

    Luckily Kabane seems far too smart to be taken in by your immoral, EVIL, passive-aggressive threats.

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