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Elon Musk Plans to Beat Synthetic Intelligence by Merging With it – Neuralink

Written by joyfultech

Elon Musk says synthetic intelligence might quickly outsmart us all. His philosophy: if we will not beat them, we should always be a part of them. His newest enterprise Neuralink includes implanting AI computer systems straight into our brains.

Clip from The Present, Might 2017

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  • Glad to hear different viewpoints on this. But I believe transhumanism will become a real thing. Maybe not AI fused with human brains, but in other ways, like everything BUT the brain, or perhaps vice versa, a total digitization of the human mind which can then be fused with AI – although that last bit sounds sketchy.

  • You beat AI with W (wisdom). Wisdom vs the accumulation of facts, wisdom wins out in the end. Wisdom comes from suffering, robots can't suffer. Wisdom is Intel + Compassion. AI can not learn compassion because compassion comes from suffering and AI can feel no pain and loss as humans do. BTW to name an AI Sophia is ironic if not a mockery.

  • It sounds worthwhile to me but I don't see how it avoids the risks. Just the Terminator scenario for instance. Should we think it won't build robots that kill us because it feels itself to actually be us? Maybe. Neuralink could be our only hope of surviving.

  • neurologically enhanced, uh? haves and have nots, uh? better food and breeding already give the upper classes biological and intellectual advantages over the lower classes, so nothing new, here.

    Musk like Tesla, makes things happen and doesn't just talk about them. Musk doesn't acknowledge words like never or can't rather he keeps digging until he finds the answers.

  • Anti-net neutrality passing on dec14th if people in America don't fight back spread the word o.o It will be used to completely de-platform alternative media at the discretion of the internet providers!!!

  • The funny part of this is our neocortex is the crown of humanity. It let's us think deep thoughts that change the world. Our lower subsystems in the midbrain are more akin to basic emotions and feelings that we share with other species through our evolution. Therefore, if we have a digital layer that is many times greater in capacity than our neocortex, our current self will be a side show to it, dwarfing its capacity. You then can ask what is us? Are we then slaves to this add on? Are we simply a symbiotic host. This shit is bannanas.

  • Interesting to note that Musk is reading the best sci-fi. The Neural Lace is from Iain M. Banks' Culture series which describes a highly advanced galaxy-wide civilisation which is run by AIs…

  • Elon Musk is nothing but a self publicist, he's no engineer or scientist, he just likes to think up projects that sound 'fantastical' that get his name in the headlines and attract the techno hyper's and futurologist type who are willing believers and followers. Ray Kerzwiel is another one , not as bad has Elon Musk of course, Ray does the 'techno hype' more to sell books and make money rather than the pure self publication Elon indulges in.

  • Lol There is no science that has proven that it cannot be achieved. Miguel shot himself in the foot, just like people who can't imagine designing life, now there is not just CRISPR, but synthetic biology! A life form with its email and website encoded in its DNA whose parent is a computer exists, just search "Craig Venter announces Synthetic life" .

  • One more comment about Miguel.. he is a PROF at Duke University?? this guy is teach young minds?? He says Musk is using propoganda and Marketing? Musk, the guy who started Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla, Boring Company, etc.. all things people like Miguel said could never happen and won't work, only to make them real, in record pace. Miguel thinks that Musk is BS'ing? Duke, please fire Miguel. He has no business being around young creative minds. oh, then he contradicts himself, after saying is sci fi, that it is decades away. so.. Which is it? fake? or decades away. In Miguels lab, that drags everything out to add funding, it is Decades away.. I believe him, many decades.. But, in a competitive lab out side of cushy acedemia, people actually get work done Miguel, and it will happen way faster.

  • Miguel has zero future vision. How does he drive a car? does he assume that because there is no traffic where he is, that there won't be traffic around the next turn? or next highway? This guy is a researcher? wow… Something tells me his funding won't be around long. Then he says that he doesn't see "any board in the world allow for the interface to the brain" to be allowed. Really???? he doesn't think that a Biz or Gov that can use a technology to advance itself won't jump on it in an instance? I understand you have to give opposing view points on your channel, but, please, make them intelligent, and let Miguel go back into the cave. Thank god we have Musks in the world. Negative naysayers that can't see 5 feet in front of them like Miguel need to pipe down, as they will hurt us all. The AI race if not won, will be severly lost. there is no second place.

  • Elon's main problem and fear is that AI will be smart and WILL NOT SUBSIDIZE HIS CRAP… but… chips in the brains… remotely controlled by central totalitarian BigBrother, like… TESLA ponzi car!

  • I don't want anything implanted, I want a smart helmet plugged into the neural lace, so it can easily be upgraded. Then we can and will be all connected. We are Borg, you will join us, resistance is futile.

  • The last gentleman was very smart and well spoken. Had some great points. However, lost almost all credibility for me when he said he himself was working with the military on a similar adaption of this technology. Seems like he stated every loop hole possible for why himself and the military were developing similar technology in the most ethical way possible and Mr. Musk would not be doing the same. I'd retort that it doesn't matter the ethical practices that go into the development once the technology goes into the wrong hands or is adapted in unfavorable ways. The military is not NOT known for weaponizing new and cutting edge technology. I think Elon Musk's main argument with AI is to democratize it as much as possible. In other words make it available for the masses so if and when it becomes dangerous there is access to defense for the masses. Essentially I see his viewpoint as a modern day adaptation of the 2nd amendment. That is to say, the masses should have the technological means to protect themselves from harm domestic or otherwise. As for the whole haves and haves not argument, they must not understand open source. Elon is developing AI open source for the reasons stated above, he is developing electric cars, renewable sustainable energy, and the technology to make humans an interplanetary species. All significant advancements for the betterment of mankind. He has put his reputation and his fortune on the line multiple times to stand up and do what he has thought is right. Not saying I am 100% sold on this one but I feel more comfortable with him developing it in the public eye than the military developing it in secret. Might sound a bit like I'm over here worshiping at Mr. Musk's feet, I assure you I am not. The guy isn't perfect by any means. He uses his position of power and fortune to push his own agenda just like everybody else at that level. In my opinion he also learned years back to drastically over sell his ideas and concepts early on to raise capital for development. The guy is making progress like nobody else out there. Only time will tell if or how much humanity truly benefits from that progress. One thing is for certain, good or bad, his name will be part of history for some time to come.

  • Bullshit though on the gap between haves, and have nots. Because the have nots will still have information on what it is like to be the have. So they can live those situations in their imaginations. This is significant. For me it is enough achievement in life to see AI come about, I don't need to reap any benefits. I'll die a happy man even in prison or in poverty as long as I get to read and hear and see all the stories about AI. Therefore all I need is to have my basic needs met, food water medicine sleep, so then I can put my mind to work and imagine all these amazing technologies at work and appreciate the fact that humanity has gotten there.

    So yeah, the key is that everyone has basic necessities and needs fullfilled, that plus good stories is enough for a good life.

  • Idiot with no sense of history that Brazilian guy. He is too much of an expert in his field, that limits his vision, makes him see only the current. How can you doubt that technological progress is accelerating? There have never been more universities, educated people, computer resources, power, money, everything available to bring about change and also so much capitalistic incentives to develop tech. This stuff will go off, its inevitable. Everything that is possible within the laws of physics will eventually be realized technologically.

  • I think this is a great idea, but I don't believe it'll help us keep pace with AI in the long run. The human brain, as a substrate, still has limitations that are absent in pure machine based intelligence's, even with a brain-machine interface like what musk describes. Until we eventually replace our biological brains as we know it, even with neuralink, the intelligence difference between us and pure machine AI will still be as if we're their pets, albeit very smart pets.

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