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Desmond Doss and his Seventh-day Adventist Beliefs

Written by joyfulbible

Dave McCann discusses the brand new film Hacksaw Ridge and the beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists with Pastor Adam Case.

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  • My wife and I was privileged to meet him in 1995. We heard of his heroics prior to meeting him but I was very surprised to discover how small of stature he was and how his humble opinion of himself he shown. He always gave God the glory and only considered himself as a blessed man to be given the opportunity to help others. It was unfortunate that the movie left so much out of the real story but I'm please someone was willing to tell it again.

  • I was given a physical and told I wasn't good enough to serve in the army so I don't know firsthand but other people have told me that it isn't just medics who refuse to carry weapons; many medics are disrespected and some are bullied because of the perception that they aren't up to other's standards of manliness. I've been told that usually changes once a unit sees actual combat. The infantry quickly decide there isn't anybody in the united they are more dedicated to protecting that the medics.

    During WWII, U.S. servicemen were encouraged to think that the goal was to kill the enemy. Again, this is just my perception, but I think the current methods of training include focus on specific goals to be accomplished with a minimum of loss of life on both sides.

    Desmond Doss spoke a my school in the '60s. He was so shy, he didn't actually give a speech. Instead, someone had to ask him questions. The measure of a man isn't his bravado, however.

    P.S. I've been corresponding with an LdS gentleman from Utah. He had heard of Seventh-day Adventists but, until recently, didn't realize that the word, "adventist" is a reference to an emphasis on the second advent of Jesus.

    Nobody places the emphasis on the second syllable of the word, "advent", so, if you would like to appear to be educated, it would make sense to not emphasize the second syllable of the word, "adventist". The word should be pronounced as Pastor Case pronounces it.

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