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  • i completley agree with almost everything u are saying, but the theory of how HUMANS evolved is not in the same boat is how plants and animals have evolved. How else would you explain, over the coarse of millions of years the human brain grew naturally over a long period of time starting with the earliest humans. Then, according to the fossil records the human brain size doubled in a mere 4000 years, when over natural selection it would have taken millions, perhaps billions of years. God = ET

  • Actually there was intentional design of Washington DC streets, that can be attributed to Free Masons. Weather any of the conspiracy theories on Free Masons are true I decline to comment.
    BUT yes it has absolutely nothing to do with evolution.

  • Three reasons:
    1.) They believe in creation
    2.) They are idiots (actually same as 1&3)
    3.) They are trolls and someone thought this would be a good idea if everyone said the same insulting thing here "cos of teh lulz", posted it on a forum and here we are

  • Go eat your webcam, btw scientists don't think we came from monkeys, but we came from the same species that monkeys came from.

    Also, you need to learn to read better.

  • im sorry but what does crime rates have to do with evolution? an why do we have to believe in evolution? until i see someone actually become a human from a monkey.. then i wont believe it… cuz i believe in GOD! he is the way the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father (going to Heaven) except through Him (God.) I would much rather believe that since God works through my life, rather than evolution when you cant prove to me or anyone that it is actually real.

  • gravity is proven evolution is not. There is a simple fix to this problem prove evolution!! There are more evolutionist because exolution is a state funded religion.

  • Yes, umm You were informed that you did contradicted yourself in the first video with first saying people are related to all living forms, and then saying we were not related to plants. And where did you get your information about saying that Hebrews were "small"? hmm.

  • As humans we have come to have great influence over the environment; greater then any other species.
    We are not inherently the "stewards" of the world. But we have put ourselves in that position. There is the responsibility. However, there is a line. We cannot (nor should we) control everything. We have to decide if and when to interfere.
    I guess it is mostly a responsibility to the perpetuation of our species. We need the environment to survive (while it does not need us).

  • I think knowing we are related to all other life forms should make us more environmentally conscience, than if we believed we were "given" the world. If we fuck this place up there is no one to step in and fix it. The responsibility is ours to the next generation.

    I don't think I have done justice to any of your questions, but for youtube posts this will have to do. I hope you have a better idea of where I am coming from.

    I have 1 question. How did you come to be a Catholic?

  • 4 As humans we are a little biased as to the highest/most valuable form of life. This makes sense from a Darwinian perspective. It would enhance our rate of survival as a group (ensuring a large gene pool,protection from predators) if we cared and looked out for one another. I think it is perfectly natural to feel a special affinity for your own species. Altruism is found in other gregarious species, it makes evolutionary sense.

  • 3. At an atomic level all matter is non-living, whether it is found in my cells or a piece of granite.

    So I would say living matter has more value simply because it is alive. I am continually awed by the beauty and complexity of life. I like rocks and other non-living matter too, but our planet is the only place where we find life. Isn't that enough to make it special?
    There are many things that we are still learning about. Check out Ted Talks or my favorites for some cool clips.

  • 2. I am not holding my breath for and ani-death serum. There are some major problems with immortality. Where would we all live? Would we continue breeding? would we want to live in a world without children? The idea of immortality seems like a selfish one to me. I know that one of the reasons I must die is to make room for the next generation.

  • I have an Existential outlook on life (see Kierkegaard, Sartre, Camus). Personal responsibility and honesty are very important to me.
    I am the only one in control of how much or how little meaning and purpose there is in my life.
    I know that this may sound a little lonely or empty, but I believe that this is the way it is, and no amount of wishing(or praying) will change it. I am always learning and redefining my views, as new info comes along. I hope that continues until the day I die.

  • 1. In the really really big picture there is no purpose to our actions or lives. However, I feel the brevity of our time here is all the more reason to treasure being alive.
    Some say that purpose is found by connecting to something greater then oneself. For me this is the knowledge of being a part of this world. as Carl Sagan said "We are star stuff". The same 92atoms are found in everything living or non. I feel very aware of the preciousness of life.

  • TOC
    Apology accepted.

    You ask a lot of good questions. Some of which are very difficult to answer, but I will try my best. I do speak for myself as an Atheist. Some but not all of my beleifs are held by other Atheists.

  • TOC
    I find this comment highly offensive and extremely arrogant. What do you know about atheism to say that only god believers can have purpose in their lives.

    I would not deny purpose from a believer, as pointless as I think that existence would be. If you want to know how an atheist feels about being alive and having purpose, you should just ask and not assume.

  • The % of Jedeo- Christians includes muslims.

    The point I was making is that you were attempting to show a correlation were there is none. You at least could show some data to support your position.

    People will take advantage of a situation whether they are christian or not. However, I think it is less likely in an Atheist because this life is all we have; spending your whole life in prison is a tragic waste. And not a choice you can make again. cont.

  • TO'C
    Do you have any idea what percentage of prisoners are atheist?
    Acording to Rod Swift, based on federal records in 1997 atheists composed 0.209% of prison populations. Judeo-christians were 83.76% of the population.

    Interesting isn't it.

  • singinrick said:Bacterial cells are probably the simplest of all living organisms. The tiniest weigh less than 10-12 grams

    hehe. I'm sorry man that made me smile. You must not be familiar with the metric system. 10-12 grams is about 1 Tbl of salt. That is a huge and heavy bacterium.I am sure it was just a typo 🙂
    Who wrote this quote again? oh, thats right you never did say.

  • singinrick said: complex systems don't have "ANY" function until a minimum number of parts are in place-which means those parts themselves cannot be products of natural selection.

    Not true man. Are you familiar with endosymbionts and symbiotic evolution? Where are you getting these quotes? I assume they are quotes. Would that person be happy if they knew they were being plagiarized? Not very honest thing to do you know………take credit for someone elses work….

  • singingrick said :The absence from the cosmos of any Creator according to evolutionists is therefore the essential starting point for Darwinism….
    I do believe that Darwin came to his conclusions on Natural Selection as the mechanism of Evolution, simply from observing the natural world. He did not say: "There is no creator, let me come up with some explanation for the existence of life." That is just silly. Read the Origin of Species someday, it's an enjoyable book to read.

  • Singinrick you said:"The doctrine that some known process of evolution turned a protozoan into a human is a philosophical assumption, not something that can be confirmed by experiment or by historical studies of the fossil record"
    Mind letting us know where you got that quote? I would like to check their credentials.

  • Singinrick, interesting comment on the "2 ways to read the Bible, literally and figuratively."
    How do you determine when to read it literally or figuratively?
    The last time I checked there was no disclaimer in the beginning of the bible letting us know which books describe actual events and which are just metaphorical.
    Is it just those that don't make sense or are difficult to explain that are figurative?
    Or is there another way to tell?

  • Cont. Or is it more likely that it is fairly obvious that there is a connection between life and blood. And that people living in a society where animals(including humans)are regularly slaughtered, would be able to observe the connection between life and blood.
    It makes sense then that many groups, completely isolated from Christianity, have rituals revolving around the important seemingly magical qualities of blood.

    I don't understand what you are trying to prove

  • singinrick, on the life giving nature of blood.
    You make the connection between Leviticus claiming that blood is valuable and what we today know about blood.
    Are you aware that many religions and belief systems cite blood as a life source? Does this mean that these other religions are right? That their holy texts were indeed inspired by god, as this was the only way that a human could see the connection between blood and life? Cont.

  • When did I insult you? That was not my intention.
    When I had read your previous posts I was under the assumption that we may be able to have an interesting discussion. The only threat I feel from you religionists, is when the line between church and state is crossed, which it often is. That is the only time that your belief system affects me. I find your arguments ingenious, but misguided and false. When I attempted to begin a discussion you claimed offence and did not address my comments.

  • And we don't feel threatend that god created the universe, asshoel. We're just frustrated with dicks like you who ignore common logic. You're als relying on a philosophical assumption. One, might I add, that's far less credible than ours. read a book, and fuck off.

  • Various aspects of the earth may be mentioned in the bible (though I don't think hydrothermal vents are on of them). The writers of the bible did after all live on earth. Most of what you quoted is simple observation, not proof of divine intelligence behind the bible.. But there are no real details. The bible was not written as a book on biology or astronomy.

  • singinrick,
    I have read through all of your comments and I have to say, I don't not see what you mean by "Proof" in favor of creationism.

    You seem to make one assumption (i.e. the universe is perfectly fine tuned)and then develop your arguments around that.
    I like this quote, in Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel
    Galileo,in a letter to Castelli, "Surely if the intention of the sacred scribes had been to teach the people astronomy, they would not have passed over the subject so completely."

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