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10 Things You Should Know about Seventh Day Adventists

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10 Things You Should Know About Seventh Day Adventists

Hemant Mehta (, ,

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A lot of people aren’t very familiar with the beliefs of Seventh Day Adventists. It’s a sect that’s pretty similar to what you’d find in conservative Christianity — They believe in Creationism, oppose gay rights, etc.

But what makes them unique?

— Jesus is coming back very soon. Like not in our lifetime soon… but like now soon. The word they use is “imminent.” And only people who rest on Saturday will be saved.

— Saturday is their holy day. Most Christians reserve Sunday as their holy day. But SDA’s are insistent that it’s Saturday. Screw those heretics who disagree!

Remember how God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh? Obviously that was on Saturday.

— They don’t believe that you’re going to Heaven when you die. The only way anyone’s going to Heaven is when Jesus returns for the Second Coming.

What if you die before that happens? Then you just have to sit there unconscious in your grave until the day comes. Which I hear will be very soon.

— Bad people don’t go to Hell. No, it’s much worse.

They’re just going to be permanently destroyed. Because God grants us eternal life… so if you don’t accept God, you don’t get the joy of burning in Hell forever.

When Jesus comes back — which is soon — God’s gonna commit the biggest act of genocide you’ve ever seen.

Which also means they don’t believe in Hell. Because no one could end up there.

— God’s going to determine your faith through a process called Investigative Judgment. Basically, until the time when Jesus comes back — which is happening any moment now — God’s investigating your life to figure out your fate.

It’s not enough that you believe in him. You also have to live a life in accordance with his rules. He’s always judging you…

— They’re health nuts. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

They abstain from alcohol and tobacco… and coffee and soda… and unclean meat like pork.

Because those things defile your soul. Not bad ideas… but the reasoning is horrible.

— Their prophet was a woman. Ellen G. White. So that’s different. And kind of cool in a way.

But that’s the only way she’s different. She saw visions in 1844 and the religion sprang from there. Those visions came after she suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child and was in a long coma which many people believe led to epileptic seizures.

But I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.

— They think the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and the Pope is the Anti-Christ.

They think less of the Catholic Church than most atheists do!

— They think masturbation is really horrible. Like, really horrible. Like John Harvey Kellogg was an Adventist who created Corn Flakes because he hoped eating them would prevent kids from touching themselves.

— Dr. Ben Carson, one of the Republicans running for President, is a Seventh Day Adventist.

So he believes all this stuff.

I have to say, though, given the other things I’ve heard him say so far, these are probably some of the more sensible beliefs he has.

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