The Gospel and the Church – Lesson 13 Sabbath College Research Hour by Pastor Doug Bachelor

Written by hosanna

The Gospel in Galatians 2017 Q3 Lesson 13 by Pastor Doug Batchelor

Scripture: Galatians 6:10, 1 Corinthians 10:12, John 13:34
Lesson: 13

“The church needs to be a spot the place the Spirit leads us to place others earlier than ourselves. Understanding that we’re saved by grace ought to make us humble and extra affected person and compassionate in how we deal with others.”


  • AMEN!!!!!!! Pastor Bachelor you are preaching the truth that no one wants to talk about today in church. I am so tired of the phony and fake people in the church today. The apostle Paul spoke against the hypocrisy. PASTORS AND THOSE IN HIGH POSITION IN THE CHURCH TURN THEIR HEAD THE OTHER WAY WHEN THEY DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE SIN SITUATION IN THE ADVENTIST CHURCH
    But Jehovah God will not turn his head. Thank God that He's unchanging………… We need to call sin by its name and stop being political correct………I am an Adventist but I sense the Laodicea spirit within the church. Have mercy on us Lord Jesus……………..

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