Why Seventh Day Adventists (SDAs)stay more healthy for longer.

Written by hosanna

Please simply take 5 minutes to observe this very very impirtant video. God bless you


  • Seventh day Adventists make this bogus claim and then always point to people living in  Loma Linda Calif. as proof that vegetarianism is healthy. 1. Most people in the WORLD who reach the age of 100 + are not Adventist or vegetarians.  2. Most Adventist are not healthy people who out live meat eaters. or don't get the same illnesses as meat eaters. Ellen G. White herself did not live to be 100,she was in her eighties when she die. She had brittle bones so when she tripped and fell she broke her hip which caused her death. 3.Vegetarianism over many years can actually damage the body. Muscles require a lot of quality protein you don't get from vegetarian sources. Bones require a lot of readily absorbable calcium you cant get from vegetarian sources. Proof- I got an Adventist vegetarian Mother who is totally bedridden because of this junk health teaching that goes against what Jesus taught anyway. Also what they dont tell you is Adventist while they dont eat real meat, eat a man made processed vegetarian soy protein product that is loaded with too much salt.  I am certified in health and fitness.

  • While there are some Seventh-day Adventists who wouldn't explain their healthy lifestyle exactly the way this reporter does, the overall message is fairly accurate. The NEWSTART program recommended by many adventists includes Nutrition Exercise Water Sunlight Temperance Air Rest Trust.

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