Catholic to Seventh-Day Adventist

Written by hosanna

Hello, guys! I simply wished to allow you to guys know what was occurring, at present, with me since I have never been in a position to simply make some cowl movies or something like that. However sure, I’m changing and I wished to inform you my story behind it in one other video as a result of I did not need this video to be too lengthy. Keep tuned and be a part of me in my journey with the Lord our God!

Thanks a lot for watching!


  • i don't know much but i think we all know they (sda) have some truth one of the thing convincing me is that they have reasonable interpretation of prophecies… i mean if you don't hate them or like them, then u already know what am talking about

  • Go back to the Catholic Church… You dont know what your leaving behind……….
    Trust me iv been studying different churches because i was looking for the real one….
    I just found out its the Catholic Church.. The Only Church instituted by Jesus Himself….

    I told my self…. Why would i belive in the church instituted by a mere human being? And is only 100 or 200 years old….
    Remember that Christianity is almost 2000 years old… And also the catholic church is almost 2000 years old….
    They have the authority to teach and the Bible came from the Catholic Church…..
    I guess you dont know this thats why you are leaving….

    I studied my way into catholic very hard and those people that already in the catholic church will just easily abandoned it? My Heart bleeds….
    It is the Only Church that the real Founder is Christ… And the only Church that can trace its lineage to the apostles itself… So pls… Study again. Give more time and come back to the real Church

  • Congratulations on your baptism! What you're doing so young is truly amazing! Be ready for the opposition to come for you in ways you never thought possible! Satan doesn't want a young beautiful girl like you to be be using you're time to recruit members for Christ's kingdom! He would much rather you posting twerking videos or some other form of nonsense! Just keep the faith and stay rooted in your word, and of course Thanks for your ministry 🙂

  • one catholic are trick in becoming seven day with out reserching the church history of Ellen G white or read bible page Colossians 2:16,17 this clash with seven day church big time seven day always skipe this page seven day is a jewsh wana be there a lot more page that i can give you to read on this is one of them

  • do not jump in to seven day there are a cult they clash with the holy bible expeshaly with the sabbath law they cunter dick the bible and twist it a catholic shod allway think and read the bible frunt to back seven day member left the seven day be cuse they clash with the bible some went in to the catholic church the best thing is think before jumping off a clif or jumping in hot water

  • Praise God in your decision! I use those lessons for my Bible studies as well, they're really good. I'll pray for you from the land down under that you'll draw closer to God each day!

  • Hi there. Your brother makes cool videos, but please take the following into consideration:

    1) You mentioned you're going to be baptised into "Seventh Day Adventism." You need to be baptised into Christ, not into a denomination. Your profession of faith should be in Christ alone. Please do not chant their Ellen G. White statements before the baptism. The baptism is a declaration of your faith in Christ and NO ONE else.

    Gal 3:27
    "For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ."

    2) Please be so careful of indoctrination. I would advise you to read the Bible on your own for a bit. Pray to God for guidance. Read and study the word in its entirety. Once you develop an understanding of scripture, then you look to others who can teach you sound doctrine on that which are difficult topics. Take heed, though. After 1800 years of Apologetics, there are still many who all claim to have perfect theology and the perfect intepretation. This is not an accurate statement.

    3) You have come from Catholosism, which is complete heresy, so an SDA church will look like pure truth in comparison, but they are not without flaw. Many misinterpretations, false prophecies (the word "Adventist" refers to the second coming, more specifically based on their 2 false prophecies of the second coming which they claimed will occur twice in 1843 and then for a delayed duration thereafter), the way the denomination was started, the judgement of adam and eve and the "books of life" in the 1800s. None of this stuff is biblical. It's added jargon that is not mentioned anywhere in scripture and therefore has as much truth as the Catholic church with their added/diminished scriptures.

    Check these things out for yourself and pray for clear truth. If anyone holds anyone else or any other writings in the same esteem as Christ or the scriptures, there is a problem with that sect. God bless you on your journey.

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