Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists?

Written by joyfulbible

Presidential candidate Ben Carson’s non secular religion is changing into a well-liked matter within the information and social media. Simply what’s a Seventh-day Adventist? What do they consider? Pastor Doug Batchelor explores this important matter on this eye-opening presentation.


  • Thank you Pastor Doug Batchelor for your messages, teachings, and leadership all of these years. God has led you in this important movement. I just wished that you had a pastoral staff in Amazing Facts to also do video presentations and other ministries that you've been doing all by yourself. You are the face of AF but it would be nice to see other faces that are also involved as well. But with that said, may God continue to use you and others in the Movement to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ. God bless.

  • I used to be a Christian had dedicated my life to God got Baptist but to be honest never felt that connection like it just wasn't right and ever since i read and understood about the Seventh day Adventist I've prayed to God and he keeps directing back to the teachings of the Adventist Thanks so much Pastor Doug Batchelor
    Later in life ill be going to there services mean while ill keep praying

  • You know people are so quick to Judge other religions rather its denominational or undenominational know one knows who's going with God on his second coming the Seventh day Adventist might be one if the first groups going with God many are called and few are the chosen
    the Bible says in

    Matthew 7:
    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

  • Hey Doug STOP LYING. Doug ellen g white she was a lier. Doug have you ever read the clear word bible please stop telling lies hypicrites NOW. aDVENT OF sda IS FOR ADVENT OF 1844. STOP LYING DOUG. STOP TELLING LIES dOUG. STOP IT NOW. SDA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN BELIEF. SDA IS A HERESY. Doug Elle G White said Jesus is arch angel it is exactly what jehova witness belieVE. SDA doesn't agree with King James version. Doug making excuses, lies. Why you do that? You believe in clear  WORD bible authoritative words and bible authoritative words. Two authoritative words you can't keep two gods at the same time. Please Dopug appologise to SDA members that adventist DOCTRINE IS A HIPOCRIT LIER. WHAT IS 28 KEY POINTS. SDA IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CULT RELIGION IN THE WORLD. DOUG PLEASE SAY SORRY AND REPENT NOW. STOP LYING STOP LYING STOP LYING STOP LYING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WORSHIP SDA LIES. STOP TELLING HIPOCRITS LIES. STOP DOUG. D.A.R.K this word would you explain this where is comes from? Doug DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE SAID? I DON'T THINK SO DOUG B E HONEST NOW. STOP MAKING UP LIES.

  • The attacks by the likes
    of that Doug Batchlor are made from ignorance! These infantile attacks have
    been made for a long time. Don't be too upset, just let them motivate you to
    learn some apologetics. Just let them drive you into the catechism and the

    I imagine this is yet another
    case of an anti-Catholic railing against something that he hasn't made an
    effort to understand or it's a deliberate obfuscation of true Catholic
    doctrine. It's tiresome how some folks will interpret words in the most damning
    way possible even if it means completely disregarding how they were intended by
    the speaker/writer.

    In reading someone else's words, one can either seek to learn the truth as the
    author understands it or one can simply seek to confirm their own prejudices.
    Books can have very different meanings depending on which approach the reader
    chooses. Fortunately, truth is truth and does not change just because someone
    chooses to disbelieve it.


    The style of evangelizing
    used by Batchelor is rather outmoded by Evangelical Protestant standards. Prior
    to the 1970's or so, sectarian Protestants often acted as if theirs was the
    only denomination and that no view but their own deserved a fair hearing, or
    usually even a casual mention. As Protestants became more aware of each other,
    this became an untenable way to act–'cafeteria
    Protestantism' emerged as a widespread phenomenom. Most Evangelicals now
    will at least give a respectful 'not' to other views acceptable 'within the
    pale of orthodoxy'. For some reason, the SDA have never changed as much as
    Evangelicals in this respect. BTW, the Three Angels Broadcasting Network, which
    is probably where you saw Batchelor, is the SDA equivalent of EWTN. And, like
    EWTN, it presents mainly the most conservative viewpoints of the denomination.



    GOOD POST. Lets keep our eye
    on this Doug Batchelor. As other posters have said– HE IS A FRONT MAN for the
    most aggressive brand of SDA anti catholics. His audience is mostly under-
    educated and from lower socio-economic strata. But they tithe and contribute to
    his treasury and life style. Its a scam, of course, one of many in American
    History of Religion. And Pilate said, " What is Truth " ? .



    There weren't even 50 to 70
    million people in Europe to begin with during the time of the Inquisition. This
    stupid, stupid, moronic claim and libel, would mean that the Catholic Church
    killed every CATHOLIC in Europe and then some !! Yet so many antiCatholics fall
    for this. It's pathetic.

  • John 5
    The Authority of the Son
    16 So, because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath, the Jewish leaders began to persecute him. 17 In his defense Jesus said to them, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.” 18 For this reason they tried all the more to kill him; not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own Father, making himself equal with God.

  • Is SDA in Turkey? I need some assembly! I'm going nuts here! lol! (I'm not SDA, but I generally do everything they do, which is believe and follow the whole Bible), including observing the feasts and resting on Saturday (no, I don't go anywhere or watch tv)

  • I am concerned for 7th Day Adventists that they think they are keeping the Sabbath but really are not!  They seem to think if they go to Church on the Sabbath, they've met the requirements for the 4th Commandment.  But…the Bible never says go to "Church".  It say to rest on the Sabbath.  That means no Netflix, no shopping, no eating out where others have to wait on you.  It means keep the day holy, set apart.  But if 7th Day Adventists are doing those things, let me know if I'm wrong.

  • God is immortal,everlasting forever.God never ever experience death. God never ever experience tiredness. Jesus experience death .Jesus experience tiredness…..The Almighty Father is the God,NOT his son Jesus. Jesus is not a God never ever be a God.We only have one God and that is the Almighty Father.

  • how i wish you can have a debate with my brother in church.i belong to the only true church that is no other than Iglesia ni Cristo/ Church of Christ….i am very happy to share to all of you this website please visit watch our many SHOWS then select the topic or category you want to watch.thank you and God bless

  • friends sda Catholics Methodists witnesses,so on so on.just believe in Jesus God gave his son to us the king of all kings on earth,pray to our Lord our saviour all we do friends our king loves us.king of all kings on earth under god our father.

  • The SDA`s have not taken right dividing of Scripture on Board.
    2Ti 2:15
    Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
    a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
    rightly dividing the word of truth.

    This leaves them exposed to create a Cocktail of Doctrines through Proof texting of the Bible.
    Add EGW to that and it is no wonder they wish to be under a Israels Laws, Israels covenants, Israels prophesies.
    I have yet to meet an SDA that even acknowledges the Revelation of the Mystery Given to Paul by the risen Christ,
    Hidden From Israels Prophets and there EGW prophetess.

    Now to him who is able to establish you by my gospel and the proclamation of Jesus Christ,
    according to the revelation of the mystery hidden for long ages past,Rom 16:25

    The mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the saints.Col 1:26

    They tell me they are spiritual Israel.
    Thats a Shame.
    Thats exactly who stands Blinded today.
    Rom 11:25
    For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits;
    that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

    I have not heard an SDA acknowledge we live in the Time of the Gentiles soon to be Fulfilled.

    This Church has no place in promoting the Gospel today. It is a Secret to them.
    Rom 16:25
    Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel,
    and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery,
    which was kept secret since the world began,

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